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Ruyal french painter

Alexis Ruyer called "Ruyal", was born in 1955 in Paris. Since 1981, he has been living with his family in the south west of France in the "Pyrenees Atlantiques" region.
Son of Jean Ruyer and Solange Barborin, painters as well, he was very close to art and it's environment as a young kid and developed the quest for beauty. However, Alexis Ruyer claims to be a self-taught painter that can't be classified.
In 1993, he began his painter career. Intimist artist, during six years he refused to sell and show his work in order to create his own gallery.
During those six years, he creates a pictorial concept called the "pictorial synthesism". It's the Lavoisier Theory applied to art.
In each of his paintings, there are several styles mixed together but only one is predominant and it is never the same.
Alexis Ruyer is constantly in search of light which is, to his point of view, the unique source of colors. He uses oil or acrylic and paints on canvas or wood.

Alexis Ruyer will be registered in the Drouot Cotation Dictionary, Art Price Gallery and AKOUN Dictionary

Member "Honoris Causa" Rome Academy 2008
International Art Award "Michelangelo Buanarroti" 2008
International Art Award "Human Rights 1948/2008"
International Art Award " Citta dei due Mari 2008" Italy

Ruyal is member of the Baron Taylor Foundation.